Texas Solar Tax Incentives

Going solar has never been more affordable with the Texas solar tax credit and other incentives. Get the most out of solar energy and reap the benefits of solar energy.

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

For homes that qualify receive a Texas solar tax credit of 26% for solar systems installed before 12/31/22.

TXU Energy Renewable Buyback Program

If you utility companies offers this, you get credit for overproduced energy. The energy you overproduce gets put back on the grid and the utility company will pay you for that energy.

Local Utility Company Solar Rebates

Depending on your utility company you can receive a solar rebate when you add solar panels on your home. This reduces the overall cost of your solar panel system.

Texas Is Great For Going Solar

Aside from the government tax credit for Texas and local utility company incentives. Going solar in $0 out of pocket, so you can see your solar savings and solar panel design for free. If you are interested in saving thousands and owning your energy, get a free consultation today!

Source: Sunrun