Solar Panels In Texas - What You Should Know

Solar Panels In Texas - What You Should Know

Thinking about adding solar panels to your home in Texas? Solar panels in Texas help thousands of homeowners save big on energy costs, while also increasing the value of their homes. You might have a general understanding of what solar can do for your home, but before you go solar here are some things you should know about solar panels in Texas.

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Average cost of solar panels in Texas

Solar panels in Texas are $0 out of pocket to install, but they do cost money. You are paying for the actual solar panel, the solar company, and the solar installer. Solar panels can be seen as expensive, but you pay them off through a solar loan where you pay a fixed monthly fee. A solar system for a home in Texas that wants to offset their electric bills by 100% can be upwards of $15,000-$30,000. This number varies depending on your homes energy consumption and needs.

As stated previously, this number can be intimidating because aren’t solar panels suppose to save you money, not cost a pretty penny? Yes, of course they do! What some homeowners don’t know is that the solar panels will be producing the majority of the energy you use every day, which means your new electric bill from the utility company is going be $0 or slim to nothing. So, you will have your solar payment and new electric bill to pay when you go solar. These two payments combined will be lower than your old electric bill, which means you will see immediate savings, and you will still be saving money every month even with your solar payment. There are other options when it comes to purchasing or leasing solar panels for your home. Check out our article on Dallas Solar Panel Cost.

Want to see what the cost would be for solar panels in Texas? Get a free consultation DCS Solar, a locally owned, residential, solar panel installation company in Texas.

There are a lot of solar companies in Texas

When you are starting your solar journey and want to install solar panels in Texas, you have some options with what company you go with to install your solar panels. Big solar companies and smaller, local companies may offer vastly different pricing. Along with the different pricing, some may be known for great or poor customer service. Going solar can be very confusing to some homeowners. Finding a company who cares about your understanding of the solar installation process and having a reliable installation partner is a highly underrated quality.

Searching for the lowest quote is what most people do because the thought is “solar panels will do the same thing no matter who they come from.” This thought is not one to have when you go solar for a few reasons. You may have questions after you sign a contract or your solar panel installation may be delayed. If you are not kept in the loop or if you are left in the dark by the solar company you choose, things may be a little scary. What if you are concerned that something isn’t working right after your solar panels are installed? You should have post sales support because you are investing a good chunk of money with the solar company you choose.

Receiving competitive prices, great customer service, and post sales support if needed are incredibly important to have when choosing a solar company. DCS Solar values these principles and believes that homeowners should not have a worry in the world when they purchase solar panels in Texas through their company. Get a free consultation and find out how much you can save with the best solar panels in Texas.

How much energy can I get with solar panels in Texas?

Solar panels can offset your electric bill by 100% or more. If you produce more energy than you need, your utility company may have a buyback program where you sell or get credit for the energy you put back on the grid. This is called net metering. The amount of energy you get from your solar panels depends on how many solar panels you get installed on your home. Solar companies determine this amount from your electric bills you provide. You send in your electric bills and the solar company would create a custom solar panel design to suite your home’s needs. Get a free solar analysis for your home.

Not all homes offset their electric bill by 100%. It all depends on your home’s energy needs and when you use your energy. For example, if you use a lot of energy at night when the sun is down, you would be getting your energy from your grid. If you have a solar backup battery, your solar panels would charge the battery, so when the sun is down, you will get your energy from the backup battery that was charged by your solar panels throughout the day. It’s not necessary to have a backup battery, but it helps you become more energy dependent and avoid blackouts.

Find out what a backup battery can do for your home.

In the end...

Solar panels in Texas are a great option for homeowners who qualify. Texas is a sunny state that receives a lot of sun, which qualifies the majority of homeowners when it comes to amount of sunlight their homes get.

Just like any other product your purchase, it costs money. You also get what you pay for. On top of saving thousands on your energy bill, you increase the value of your home, and there are government incentives that make going solar for Texas homeowners easier and more affordable.

Want a free quote and live in Texas? DCS Solar would be happy to provide you with a free consultation to see if solar is a good fit for your home. DCS Solar is based in Dallas Texas, but services the whole state of Texas.

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