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solar panels for home

Thinking about going solar? Adding solar panels to your home can help you save big and you can produce your own energy. Avoiding the rising cost of electricity is a big motivator for most homeowners to go solar. Need some guidance or more information before pursuing solar energy? No problem, below is some crucial information you should know before going solar.

Is my home right for solar panels?

Going solar is very exciting and most homes qualify for solar, but not all of them. Your electric bill needs to be at least $100 for you to benefit from your solar panels. When you go solar, you will have a solar payment to pay off your solar panels. The solar payment you get is a flat rate you pay each month until they are paid off like a mortgage. There are lots of different financing options, but this is the most common, to get a loan. If your electric bill is below $100 and you go solar, your solar payment might be close to your old electric bill, so you wouldn’t be saving all too much.

You also need to have good credit. Most companies need your credit to be around 600-650 for you to go solar. As mentioned before you will most likely get a loan for your home solar system and the solar company needs to know that you can pay it off.

Another qualifying factor is your roof. Does it have enough space for solar panels? Is it getting enough sunlight every day? Is it the right material for solar panels to be installed on? These are all questions your solar company answers and assesses during your initial consultation. 90% of homeowners with an electric bill over $100/month usually meet the qualifications. Trees around your house that shade your roof are a big problem though. You can always trim or cut them down before installing solar panels, but trees shading your roof are a big factor to if your home qualifies for solar.

Want to see if you qualify? Get a free consultation.

How do solar panels work?

The solar panels on your roof or on the ground convert the sun’s rays into usable energy for your home. The solar panels generate DC (direct current) energy and brings that energy to your inverter and it gets turned into AC (alternate current) energy that your home can actually use. If you want to read more about what solar panels are made of and how they produce energy for your home click here.

How many solar panels do I need?

The amount of solar panels your home needs depends on your home’s energy usage. If you produce a lot of energy, you will need a big solar panel system for your home. If you consume a moderate amount of energy, you will need a smaller solar panel system for your home. Solar companies take your electric bills for the whole year and create a customized solar panel design for your home that equates your average usage. Solar panels are meant to replace the energy you use from the grid, so the solar company needs your electric bills to offset your energy usage. Read more about how many solar panels you need¬†here.

Want a free quote? Get a free consultation and see how much you can save with solar.

How much do home solar panels cost?

The amount that you pay each month depends on how big your solar panel system is and what company you went with. Solar companies have slightly different rates than each other. When you chose a company, look for trustworthiness and how much they help you. When it comes to solar panel cost, they will be very similar, so chose one that you feel comfortable with.

Do solar panels require maintenance?

Solar panels require very little maintenance. In most cases you can rinse off dirt or debris with your hose from the ground. However, some solar companies offer regular cleaning and maintenance. Also, there are companies out there that specifically clean your solar panels, so you don’t have to. Read more about solar panel maintenance here.

99% of the time you will get a 25 year warranty on your solar panels, some companies might offer 30 year warranties. This warranty mainly protects you if your solar panels stop working or if something happens to them that falls under the policy.

If you aren’t sure about cleaning your solar panels, or if you are worrying about damaging your solar panels and not having it covered in your warranty… reach out to your solar company. Have your solar panels professionally cleaned or ask for professional guidance.¬†

To sum it up...

Those are the basics of getting solar panels for your home. In this article, we answered some of the most common questions in the industry. Do you have more questions or want a free consultation? Click here.

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