Residential Solar Panel Installations In Texas

Solar panel installations in Texas allow homeowners to save thousands on their energy bills. Installing solar panels on your home allows for great financial benefits while protecting the environment.

Solar Panel Installation For Residential Homes

solar panels on house

Home Battery Backup Systems

tesla solar backup battery

Increase Your Energy Indepence

DCS Solar provides solar battery backup batteries and solar generators from premier brands like Tesla to help you increase your energy independence and avoid blackouts.

Complete Solar System Monitoring

How Much Will My Electric Bill Be With Solar Panels?

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Brett H.

DCS Solar had very good rates and made the whole process very easy for me.


Sarah V.

This is a great local solar company. Very honest and knowledgeable.


Rick D.

DCS Solar made the whole process of going solar super easy. Highly recommend!

Common Questions You Might Have

Is Solar Expensive?

Dallas solar panels are $0 out of pocket and have great government incentives. Homeowners who qualify can get a 26% solar tax credit and solar rebates.

What Will My New Electric Bill Be?

Every home is different based on your energy needs. We take your electric bills and create a customized solar panel design for your home in Texas.

What Happens In My Consultation?

Dallas solar panel installations can be confusing, that’s why we provide free consultations so you can understand how solar panels work and how they can save you thousands!