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Solar Panels On Roof

With how much sun Texas gets throughout the day, going solar is very common. You might have heard that you can save thousands when you use the sun as a source of energy, but the question arises: How much do solar panels cost in Dallas Texas?

Get the exact cost of a solar system for your home today. Get a free consultation today.

How much do solar panels cost in Dallas Texas?

Unpredictable Texas energy rates are one of the main reasons why people are making the switch to solar. Fortunately, with how popular solar is becoming, the cost for residential solar systems in Texas have been decreasing year after year. The average cost you may come across is around $3/watt installed on your home. 

What determines solar panel cost in Dallas?

There are a lot of variables with the solar tax credit, net metering, how much energy your home needs, and how much you want to offset your energy bill. Every home is different, so some might need a 7kw system and others may need a 21kw solar system. If you are charged $3/kw for these systems, it will come out to be $21,000 – $61,000 respectively. The actual price you are charged varies with the company you go with and can range from $2.7-$3.1 and up. Choosing the cheapest quote isn’t always the best way to go. Choose a company who is honest, reliable, and has a quality product. Get a free quote today.

Don’t let these numbers scare you. 

If your electric bill is $200 per month and you decide to go solar, you new electric bill may be $0 or almost nothing. When going solar you have a few options when it comes to obtaining your solar panels. You can outright purchase them, get a loan to pay them off over time, or lease them from a third party.


Purchasing your solar panels is where you get the most bang for your buck. You wouldn’t have a solar payment and you would see more savings immediately and overall since you wouldn’t have any solar payments.

Getting a loan

If you decide to get a loan (most people do), you will pay off your solar panels over time like a mortgage. Even with a loan, you will see drastic savings and immediate savings, because most or all of your energy is coming from your solar panels, which makes your actual electric bill low or nonexistent. When your solar panels are paid off, you will own your solar panels and enjoy getting your energy from the sun! 


Leasing requires the less money out of all of the options. However, leasing your solar panels from a third party doesn’t qualify you for the government solar tax credit and you wouldn’t actually own the solar system.

Cash incentives and tax credits

Homeowners in Texas are eligible for a 26% tax credit to the end of 2022. This tax credit is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and will decrease your income taxes when you invest in a solar system for your home. Get a free consultation to find out how much you can save when you go solar.

Net Metering

Some utility companies offer net metering where you can get credit for selling the excess energy you produce back to the grid. If your utility company offers net metering, the utility company will pay for your overproduced energy and you will be credited towards your next billing cycle.

Local solar rebates

The state of Texas doesn’t have a state wide solar credit, but most utility companies in Texas do offer incentives to go solar. Not all utility companies are the same or offer the same incentives. Find out what your utility company can offer you on top of the solar tax credit! Click here for a free consultation.

Discover how much solar panels cost for your home

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