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Get all of your questions answered. Going solar in Texas is great, but you may have some questions. Scroll down for the answers to your questions! 

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Go Solar In 5 Steps

Installing solar panels on your home or on the ground near your house can be a big project. That’s why choosing a trustworthy company to do it for you takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders. With a professional solar company, the installation of your solar panels can take 1-2 days, and you would have it done right the first time.

Are Solar Panels Easy To Maintain?

Solar panels are incredibly easy to maintain. They are very low maintenance and are covered with the manufacturers warranty in combination with your homeowner’s insurance. Be sure to ask your solar company about the fine details of your solar panel warranty.

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Get Answers To Common Questions

Going solar can be confusing and you may have questions that are constantly coming up in your head. Is my house a good fit? How much are solar panels? How does the installation process work?

We provide transparent answers to your questions to help you learn more about solar and the process of going solar.

Learn Everything About Solar Energy

DCS Solar is here to help you learn everything there is to residential solar panel installations. There are also other fun solar topics that will help you understand just how awesome solar power is.