Is Solar Worth It In Dallas Texas?

Solar Panels On Texas Home

Are you considering installing solar panels on your home in Texas? You may have seen solar panels on some homes you live by and around your neighborhood and are wondering, are they actually worth it? Solar panels are becoming very popular for a very good reason. They save homeowners thousands of dollars, they are affordable, and it costs $0 to get them installed on your roof or on a ground mount. Texas solar panels and a solar battery have many benefits, so we listed the 5 main benefits of solar panels for your home below.

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5 Reasons Why Going Solar In Texas Is A Great Choice

1. You get control over where your energy comes from

Firstly, homes with solar panels transform the sun’s rays into usable energy for your home and they keep working on cloudy days. Your solar panels fuel your home by energizing your inverter, which converts direct current (DC) from the solar panels into alternating current (AC). The AC goes to your electric box, which then powers your home from the sun! The amount of solar panels you need depends on how much energy your home consumes, and with a battery backup, you can keep powering your home during blackouts.

Furthermore, your current utility company charges you a certain amount of money for the power you need to fuel your home. Peak energy consumption typically happens towards the end of the day and you are paying the utility company for energy you need at the price they determine. With solar panels, you would be getting your energy directly from your panels for free and with a backup battery, you can continue to use the energy from your solar panels when the sun is no longer out.

2. Produce clean energy for your home

Next, solar panels produce energy from the sun with no emission to the environment. Fossil fuels are polluting our environment and by switching to solar, you are helping make the environment less polluted. Residential solar installations are increasing every year and the government is making it easier to go solar and even provide incentives for Texas homeowners. 

3. Increase the value of your home

Another reason to go solar in Texas is that homes with solar panels increase their value by 4.1% on average. Of course the actual number varies and is based on the location, size of home, and how big your solar system is. However, if your home is valued at $300,000 and add solar to it, your home’s value will increase by $12,300 on average.

Going solar is a great investment. Not only will you save thousands and own your energy, you can easily resell your home for an above market price with solar.

4. Cash incentives and tax credits

Homeowners in Texas are eligible for a 26% tax credit to the end of 2022. This tax credit is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and will decrease your income taxes when you invest in a solar system for your home. The state of Texas doesn’t have a state wide solar credit, but most utility companies in Texas do offer incentives to go solar. Get a free consultation to find out what you can get when you go solar.

Net Metering

Some utility companies offer net metering where you can get credit for selling the excess energy you produce back to the grid. If your utility company offers net metering, the utility company will pay for your overproduced energy and you will be credited towards your next billing cycle. 

5. Predictable energy costs

Finally, solar in Texas allows you to foresee predictable bills, you will initially have a solar loan to pay off your solar panels. Your solar loan is a fixed price you pay every month and there are a lot of affordable loan options. When you go solar your new utility bill and solar payment combined, will be less than your old energy bill. Texas homeowners can offset their electric bill by 100% or more with solar panels, where they don’t pay a dime to their utility company. If your solar panels offset your energy costs by more than 100% you will get paid by your utility company every month for your excess energy (if your utility company offers net metering).

With your fixed solar payment and your drastically low utility bill, you can predict what you would be paying every month. Without solar panels, you are renting your energy from your utility company. You are also paying the rising cost of electricity at the rates your utility company sets. 

In the end, it's worth it to go solar in Texas

Going solar with DCS Solar is a very simple process. You will be provided with a free consultation, solar panel design, $0 down solar installation, and a 25 year warranty on your solar panels. We are partnered with the best solar installer in Texas. You are in good hands. Click here for a free consultation.

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