How Many Solar Panels Does My Home Need?

Solar panel design

You are doing your research and are wondering how many solar panels will my home need? Or a better question: what determines how many solar panels a given home needs? These numbers can become very technical depending on how detailed you want to be with it. You can go all the way down to how much energy a solar panel or a solar cell can produce. Every home is different and there are factors that will determine if you need more or less solar panels than the average home.

How much energy does my home need?

Your electric bills are what determines how many solar panels your home needs. When you go solar, the goal is to offset your electric bills with the energy from your solar panels. A given solar panel will produce a certain amount of energy for your home, and your solar company will create a solar panel design to configure this. The brand of solar panels your solar company uses may be more or less efficient than other brands. For this reason, your solar company’s design team will make you a customized solar panel design for you to get the appropriate energy you need.

To sum it up...

The number of solar panels you need for your home is determined by your energy bills and your solar company will design a solar panel layout that will match your home’s energy needs. Bigger homes or homes with a pool, yield higher energy consumption, which means you will need more solar panels than an average home. If you have a modest home that doesn’t consume that much energy, but your bill is still over $100 per month, you won’t need a huge solar panel system. Homes with electric bills over $100 will still have a great deal of savings with solar panels on their home.

Some homeowners may be thinking that they wont benefit from solar panels unless they have huge electric bills. This is a misconception because you can still save thousands on your energy bill with just a $100 per month bill. Producing your own energy, not paying the utility company, avoiding rising energy costs, and increasing the value of your home are great reasons to go solar!

Want to see how many solar panels your home needs? Get a free consultation!

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