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Instead of paying for your energy mainly from the grid, you would be producing your own for free from the sun. Your home’s value will increase about 4% and you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Finally, since you are making your own energy, you save thousands every year with solar panels on your home. Click here to learn more about the advantages of solar energy.

Not necessarily. Depending on your resources and spacing, you can put solar panels in a few different places. You can have a ground mounted solar panel set up or you can put your solar panels on a nearby shed, as long as it’s close enough to where connections need to be made.

South facing solar panels are optimal because that is where the sun in always shining with our equator.

Solar panel cost depends on how much energy your home needs. If you consume a lot of energy, you will need a bigger solar panel system to offset your current usage. Click here to read our article on solar panel cost in Texas.

Backup batteries are separate from the solar panels themselves. Backup batteries are great for increasing your home’s energy independence and protect you from blackouts.

When the grid is down you cannot use the energy produced from your solar panels. Your solar panels produce DC power and at your inverter, convert to AC power. Your grid allows you to do this, however installing a backup battery will allow you to continue to use power when the grid is down.

Most HOA’s don’t have a problem with you installing solar panels on your home. They may have a few restrictions, but overall in Texas, you are allowed to have them on a HOA house.

In most cases, your insurance will not go up. It also depends on how much coverage you already have and if you wanted to add more.

From your initial consultation to installation, it takes 60-90 days. Installing the solar panels themselves takes 1-2 days.

Solar panels are very durable and have a thick layer coating on the outside of the panel. Your solar panels are coverage by your homeowners insurance along with your 25 year manufacturer warranty if anything goes wrong.