Dallas Solar Panels - Are They Worth It?

Dallas Solar Panels

Going solar in Dallas is a great decision for homeowners. Save thousands of dollars, produce your own energy, and lower your CO2 emissions. It’s very popular to go solar in Dallas Texas for numerous reasons and it’s an optimal decision for your home. If you are thinking about Dallas solar energy, you came to the right place. Below are the main reasons why Texas homeowners make the switch to Dallas solar energy.

You Save a Lot of Money With Dallas Solar Panels

The main motivator for adding solar panels to your home is to save money! How do you save money with solar panels? You make your own energy from the sun. When you do this, you are no longer relying on the grid or your utility company for the majority of your energy. You will still be connected to the grid because when the sun is down, your solar panels won’t be producing energy, and you would need your energy from the grid. Having a backup battery would increase your energy independence because your solar panels charge it throughout the day and you would use the energy from the battery at night!

When you go solar, you have a solar payment, because solar panels aren’t free. You will have a fixed payment, but your overall solar payment combined with your new utility bill will be lower than your original utility bill. This is why you see immediate savings even when you have a solar payment.

dallas solar installation savings

Dallas Gets a Bunch of Sun

Even though your Dallas solar panels still produce energy on cloudy days, you will have plenty of sunlight for your solar panels to create energy for your home. Dallas Texas gets over 230 days of sun. One huge factor that qualifies you for solar is if your home is shaded from trees. Unless you have a bunch of trees hovering over your home, you would should be good to go.

Tax Incentives for Dallas Homeowners

The solar tax credit in Texas for 2022 is currently 26%, but is suppose to decrease to 22% and then 0% in the next couple of years. Anything can change, but it is best to go solar now to reap the benefits of the solar tax credit. This makes your solar system cheaper and you may also get a solar rebate of $1,000+ when you choose Dallas solar energy. It’s best to consult with your solar company to learn all of the fine details of the government incentives because there are a lot of variables to if you qualify for them. Get a free consultation.

Produce Your Own Energy with Dallas Solar Panels

As stated earlier, you produce your own energy with Dallas solar panels. This allows you to have an energy independent home. Having a backup battery really solidifies your energy independence. Having the state of mind that you get your energy for free from the sun is awesome.

You are not only owning your energy, but you are also avoiding the rising cost of energy. Without Dallas solar panels, you are renting your energy from your utility company at the rates they decide. Along with inflation, energy costs can bare a burden on your bank account. Don’t let these factors drain your pockets. Find out how much you can save with Dallas solar panels. Get a free consultation.

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