Go Solar In 5 Steps

Going solar in Texas is a great choice for most homeowners! View the steps to know exactly what to expect on your solar journey.

1.) Solar Consultation

solar consultation

In this meeting you will meet with a solar consultant in your home or via zoom. We will explain the whole process A to Z, so by the end there is not confusion at all. You will see your free solar panel design from Google Maps, and we will show you your annual savings with solar panels. We collect your electric bills before the meeting so we can prepare all of this information for you. You will see the estimated total costs, and our flexible financing options. Going solar has never been more affordable!

2.) Pick Best Plan and Sign Contract

Solar panels come with very flexible payment plans. Solar loans for your solar panels are a fixed monthly cost. Your solar payment and new electric bill will be lower than your old electric bill, so you will see immediate savings. After you finalize your solar panel design, you sign a contract with us, and we can get started!

solar contract

3.) Site Survey

solar site survey

A representative will come over to your house to inspect your roof, surrounding area, and see if everything checks out. We mainly check your roof to see the exact dimensions, slope, and thickness. This is where we can get accurate numbers for the final cost and confirm the final solar panel design.

4.) Obtain City Permits

For your home to use solar energy, we need to get you permits from the city that allows your home to do so. Some cities require different paperwork and some require less than others. It all depends on where you are located and we will handle all of the heavy lifting for you!

permits folder

5.) Solar Panel Installation

texas solar panel installation

After your site survey and city permitting, you schedule your solar panel installation date. Installing solar panels takes 1-2 days. After they are installed, you flip the switch and start using the energy from your solar panels! After they are installed, there will be an inspection later to make sure everything is working properly.